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Frequently Asked Questions - Fees

Fees - FAQ's

1) Does MCB charge an additional fee for meetings above and beyond the number established in the Strata Management Contract?
- Yes, there would be fees incurred for additional General Meetings or Council Meetings beyond the number included in the Strata Management contract. This amount would be negotiated and approved by Council in advance.

2) What does MCB charge for Special General Meetings?
- If a Special General Meeting is not included as part of the management agreement, the cost would be $300.00 per meeting. This would include the preparation and distribution of the notice of Special General Meeting package (agenda, proxy forms and all other accompanying documents). It would also include the attendance by the Strata Manager at the meeting as well as the taking, preparation and distribution of the minutes of the meeting.

3) What does MCB charge for Strata Corporation photocopying?
- $0.25 per page for third party requests. $0.05 per sheet for internal photocopying and no charge for Strata documentation for Council business.
- Photocopied documents outside Strata documentation for Council business (paper copies of Depreciation Reports or Bylaws for distribution) would be charged at $0.05 per sheet. This would require pre-approval from Council.

4) How do owners request Strata Forms (Form F and Form B) when listing their units for sale?
- Owners or their agents can request Strata Forms and their accompanying documents through the Estratahub web portal (www.estratahub.com). Owners or their agents are responsible for paying the fees.

5) Does MCB anticipate any other fees charged during the course of the contract?
- No, but any additional fees to be charged outside the scope of the Strata Management agreement would require pre-approval by the Council.