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Frequently Asked Questions - Meetings

Meetings - FAQ's

1) How many strata meetings (Council/AGM/SGM) a year does MCB expect to attend?
- Our fee is based the number of meetings set out in the Strata Management contract.

2) Does MCB prepare and distribute notices and agendas for Council Meetings and General Meetings?
- Yes. Under the direction of Council, MCB will draft and distribute the notices and agendas for Annual and Special General Meetings as well as Council Meetings in accordance with the Strata Property Act.

3) Does MCB take the minutes of Council and General Meetings?
- Yes, as directed by the Council.

4) How soon after meetings does the Council receive the draft meeting minutes for review and approval, before they are distributed to all strata lot owners?
- The Strata Property Act requires that all meeting minutes be distributed to owners within 14 days after the date of the meeting.

- We seek to get the draft set of minutes out to Council as soon as possible for review and approval. Minutes must be approved by Council before being distributed to owners.

5) Does MCB chair Council Meetings or General Meetings?
No. Usually, the strata Bylaws dictate that the Council President or approved delegate chairs the meetings.

- MCB will normally, at the direction of Council, run the agenda and the procedures of the meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order.

6) Who attends General Meetings and Council Meetings on behalf of MCB?
- The Strata Manager and assistant, if needed.

7) Can the MCB Strata Manager or assistant act as a proxy for an owner at a General Meeting
- No. Neither the MCB Strata Manager nor their assistant can stand as proxy for a strata lot owner. This eliminates possible conflicts of interest.